We appreciate your Impact Auction Donations!


We received almost $10,000 from generous donors supporting the programs in our Impact Auction through the end of 2020! 

Because of your generosity, our Community Participation/Special Olympics, Behavioral Health, Employment Services, Independent Living/Enabling Technology and Early Learning Center programs will all secure items they need.  

Thank you for your support!



Community Participation – Special Olympics Supplies

Special Olympics gives people with disabilities the opportunity to develop individual and team athletic achievements and when the games begin again after COVID-19, we want to be ready! Emory Valley Center Special Olympics athletes set goals, develop physical fitness plans, train and practice well before the games begin in our area.  To help our athletes prepare, we need team jerseys, tennis rackets & balls, softballs, a sports measuring tape, flag football kit, sports timers and whistles.



Behavioral Health – Promethean Board & Stress Kits

An important element of our psychosocial rehabilitation program is the utilization of technology. Securing a promethean board will allow people to incorporate enabling technology during sessions in a variety of ways.  During therapy, sensory objects can help people with concentration and help with feelings of anxiety.



Employment Services – HP Pro Laptops                         

While working with people we support in the community, it is important for our staff to able to remain in communication with their team and to have access all required information – much of which requires special equipment and additional security.



Independent Living – Enabling Technology                     

Emory Valley Center is on the forefront in the state of Tennessee with providing adults we support a variety of technology in support of their wishes to live more independently. Items we still need for this support include smart home wifi lamps, door sensors, echo tiles, echo buttons, smart plugs, smart door lock kit, Iron Pie robot vacuum and a Smart Refrigerator with InstaView.



Early Learning Center                                                       

Safety and learning through play in our inclusive classrooms is an important part of development for children of all ages participating in our state of Tennessee 3-Star program. Items needed include cd players with microphone and headphone jacks, projector for a classroom Smartboard, a conference/work table for our staff room, and fencing around the back of the Early Learning Center building.






Thank You For Your Support!


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