Personal Assistance

Personal Assistance

Empowering People With Self-Sufficiency In Integrated Communities


Counties served with this program include Anderson, Campbell, Knox, Morgan, Roane and Scott


Independent Living Skills Training

Funded through the Employment and Community First (ECF) Waiver, this service provides education, skill development, and training to improve the person’s ability to independently perform routine daily activities and utilize community resources.

Support staff will:

  • Develop the person’s daily living skills (i.e. personal hygiene, meal preparation, home upkeep, money management, using community resources, community mobility, parenting, computer use, and/or driving lessons, etc.)
  • Prepare and follow a specific plan and strategy for teaching specific skills identified in the person-centered support plan.
  • Identify progress toward achieving each skill identified in the person’s person-centered support plan.

Personal Assistance

Funded through the Employment and Community First (ECF) Waiver and the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) Waiver, this service assists people with performing activities of daily living at the person’s own home, on the job or in the community.

Support staff will:

  • Support, assist and engage people to participate in everyday tasks including cooking, cleaning, laundry, running errands, and additional daily living activities
  • Educate the person’s social network to provide assistance
  • Identify ways to increase the person’s independence


Supportive Home Care (SHC)

Funded through Employment and Community First (ECF) Waiver, this service is provided by a paid caregiver (not living in the family home) to a person living with their family.  It is similar to our Personal Assistance service and assists the person at home and in the community.

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Workforce Development Director, Daisy Pratt 865-813-0557

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