Medicaid Alternative Pathways to Independence (MAPs)

Maps is a program that will assist people with intellectual and developmental disabilities on a path to learn skills to help them work, live independently, learn about their neighborhoods, and find hobbies that interest them.  MAPs services give people in the program the tools, technology, and support needed to meet the goals they set for themselves.

Who is MAPs For?

  • Transition-age youth during their last three years of high school
  • People who have already left high school
  • People who are waiting for services or may apply in the future for the Employment and Community First CHOICES program

What Services will MAPs Provide?

The foundation of the MAPs program is a person-centered Virtual Community Resource Map, which participants will create to identify people, places, and activities that are important to them.  They will then create goals for each area of their lives and decide which of the MAPs services will help them accomplish their goals. 

People can participate in the program for up to three years with a budget of up to $20,000 each year.

Services include:

Community Navigator

Independence Coaching

Employment Innovation

Peer Mentoring

Enabling Technology

For more information about participating in the MAPs program, please contact: Workforce Innovation Director, Miranda Kelley or by phone – 865-813-0580