Enabling Technology

Emory Valley Center is committed to providing enabling and assistive technology to help people develop physical, intellectual, emotional social skills and behaviors that enhance inclusion in their community.

This enabling or assistive technology includes any technology device or tech support needed to assist a person choosing to increase their ability to gain control of their own life, such as supporting a person navigating their jobs and communities, control of their environment and providing remote supports and reminders to assist a person in independent living.

Some of the Enabling Technology being utilized by people Emory Valley Center supports include:

Amazon/Alexa Devices – Virtual Assistant Technology

Ring Devices – Smart Security Devices

Apple Devices – Cell phone, iPad, etc.

Watch/Fitbit – Wearable Smart Device

Switch Bot Curtain – Smart, App Controlled Device

Devices – Google Virtual Assistant, Google Duo, etc.

Oculus – Virtual Reality 

Proloquo2Go & Other Apps – Communication and Virtual Assistant Applications

Enabling or assistive technology is any technology device or tech support needed to assist a person choosing to gain control or their own life. These Community Living Supports increases a person’s ability to be self-sufficient and achieve inclusion and participation in the community while focusing on the person’s desire and ability.

Emory Valley Center has demonstrated the level of proficiency with enabling technology integration and best practice implementation that is required to obtain accreditation with SHIFT. through their accreditation process.  Miranda Kelley, Workforce Innovation Manager at Emory Valley Center is certified as an Enabling Technology Integration Specialist (ETIS).

For more information and to learn more about Enabling Technology, please contact Miranda Kelley, ETIS – Workforce Innovation Manager – 865-813-0580.