Early Learning Center

Busy Hands. Growing Minds

The Emory Valley Early Learning Center (EVELC) offers comprehensive and family-centered preschool programs for children from infants to kindergarten in an inclusive, high quality early learning environment. Inclusiveness, expert knowledge, and a care and concern for ALL children makes EVELC distinctive in East Tennessee.

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Holding to excellence in early education, the teaching staff at EVELC, hold (at a minimum) a degree in early childhood education (or a related field) or are working toward one. The center has received the highest 3 Star rating from the Tennessee Department of Human Services in all seven assessment areas. Our staff provide child led and interactive learning activities each day addressing the following areas of development:


Fine and gross motor skills

Cognitive Skills

Adaptive/Self Help

Language Skills

Our classroom environments are set up to be developmentally appropriate for all children. This is made possible by our center’s distinctions, including:

Inclusive Classrooms

Highly educated and dedicated staff

Active Parental Involvement

Comprehensive assessments of each child’s development is provided annually

Excellence in early education

A low student-to-teacher ratio

For more information, please contact:

Early Learning Center Director, Brittany Webb 865-294-7202 ext. 100
718 Emory Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830