Community Supported Living

Counties Served in this program include: Anderson, Campbell, Knox, Morgan, Roane and Scott.

Community Living Supports (CLS) and Community Living Supports Family Model

Funded through the Employment and Community First (ECF) Waiver and CHOICES Elder and Disabled Waiver, this service provides a residential alternative that supports each person to live independently with full integration into the community.

Benefits of this program include:

Help the person exercise choices when selecting and moving into a home, choosing housemates, and maintaining furnishings

Improve the skills needed for activities of daily living

Assist the person to build relationships with family and friends

Enable the person to participate fully in community life

Assist the person to manage health conditions

Educate the person to use transportation, police, fire, and emergency help

Allow the person to exercise rights through self-advocacy

Supported Living

Funded through the Department of Disability and Aging, supported living services are provided in a home owned or leased by the person(s) supported. The amount and type of supports required for the person to enjoy the benefits and accept the responsibilities associated with home ownership or individual lease arrangements are variable, depending upon each person’s unique abilities and needs.

Family Model

Funded through the Department of Disability and Aging, family model services are provided for people who choose to live in a home other than that of their own or their family. The person becomes a part of that family and participates in all family functions and activities. This program is similar to foster care provided in children services.

Semi-Independent Living Services

Funded through the Department of Disability of Aging, Semi-Independent Living Services include training and assistance in managing money, preparing meals, shopping, personal appearance and hygiene, interpersonal and social skills building, and other activities needed to maintain and improve the capacity of a person supported to live in the community in a home of their choice. This service may also include oversight and assistance in managing medication and/or medication administration. This service is appropriate for people who need intermittent or limited support to remain in their own home and do not require 24/7 support. However, access to emergency supports is available at all times to the person.


Funded through Employment and Community First (ECF) Waiver and Department of Disability of Aging, this service is provided to a person when unpaid caregivers are absent or need relief from routine care giving responsibilities. Support staff will:

  • Provide relief for caregiver as needed
  • Promote community involvement and inclusion
  • Assist the person to sustain their lifestyle and routines when an unpaid caregiver is absent

For more information contact:

Residential Services Director, Layla Fisher 865-813-0573