Katie Beckett Program

Emory Valley Center is now providing services through the Katie Beckett Program.


What is the Katie Beckett Program? 

The TennCare Katie Beckett Program is for children under 18 with disabilities or complex medical needs who are not Medicaid eligible because of their parent’s income or assets. It helps to provide care for the child’s medical needs or disability that private insurance does not cover. The care is provided in the child’s home or in the community.

There are 3 groups in the Katie Beckett Program.

Katie Beckett Part A (or “Part A” for short) is for children who would qualify for care in a medical institution – like a hospital, nursing home or ICF/IID (Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities). But they want care at home instead.

Medicaid Diversion (or “Part B” for short) is for children who don’t qualify for care in an institution. But they are “at risk” of going into one unless they can get services.

Continued Eligibility (or “Part C” for short) is for children who have Medicaid now, but their Medicaid is ending because their parents’ income or resources increased. Part C may allow the child to keep Medicaid if they would qualify to enroll in Part A, but there isn’t a slot open for the child right now. (We tell you more about “slots” below.)

Emory Valley Center is currently helping families who qualify for Katie Beckett Part A.

Available Services in the Katie Beckett Program through Emory Valley Center

Emory Valley Center provides Respite, Supportive Home Care, and Community Integrated Support Services through Katie Beckett.  Examples of these services include:

  • Services provided to a child when unpaid caregivers are absent or need relief from routine caregiving responsibilities
  • Services and supports in the home and community by a paid caregiver who does not live in the family home to a person living with his or her family that directly assists the person with activities of daily living and personal needs to insure adequate functioning in their home and maintain community living.
  • Services which coordinate and/or provide supports for a child to have valued and active participation in integrated daytime and nighttime community activities that build on their interests, preferences, gifts, and strengths while reflecting their goals with regard to community involvement and membership.



How To Enroll in the Katie Beckett Program

There is a limit on how many children can enroll in Part A and Part B. The limits are based on the amount of funding approved for the program.

Part A has funding to serve up to 300 children. The actual number of children served in Part A will depend on the cost of services each child needs. If the cost of services is lower than expected, we can serve more children. If the cost of services is higher, we will serve fewer children.  Children with the highest needs will be served first in Part A.

If you are interested in enrolling in the Katie Beckett Program – Part A, Emory Valley Center can help.  Please contact Daisy Pratt at for more information.


To find out more about this program and how to receive services through the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities website, please click the link below.

Katie Beckett Program Information



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