Early Intervention

Community Impact

“Being able to learn new ways to support my son Elryc has made life easier for both of us. I don’t feel lost anymore knowing I have a fantastic support system through Emory Valley Center’s Early Intervention program, who listen to our issues and help us strategize to overcome any difficulty that may arise.” – Elryc’s mom

Elryc began receiving in-home developmental therapy services in 2019 at 8 months old. When the pandemic hit in 2020, and EVC quickly found a way to offer telehealth services as an option, Elryc’s family was eager to try this new way to continue receiving services. As Elryc’s mother and early interventionist worked together weekly via telehealth on strategies to improve language and play skills, Elryc’s mother began to wonder if his delays could be a result of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Elryc’s early intervention team reviewed options and decided that he would be a good candidate for a telehealth evaluation through Vanderbilt TRIAD (Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders). At 21 months old, Elryc received an ASD diagnosis.

Elryc’s mother and early interventionist continue to use visual aids and other strategies from the TRIAD curriculums in developmental therapy sessions, and the educational consultant from TRIAD periodically joins the sessions for monthly check-ins to provide extra support if needed.

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