Emory Valley Center - Human Resources

Emory Valley Center's Human Resources Department is dedicated to serving the mission, vision and values of the Company by employing and developing supportive, motivated and competent employees in order to provide positive outcomes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in all realms of daily living.

Therefore, in partnership with all other internal departments, the HR Team in keeping with all applicable state, federal laws and Company policies and procedures, focuses on the following strategies to accomplish our goals:

  • Recruit, hire, train, develop and retain quality employees at all levels of the organization

  • Administer competitive benefit package including medical, dental, vision, life, supplemental insurance, paid time off, 11 paid holidays and a 403 B retirement plan

  • Publish a Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual that serves to clearly outline policies and procedures to guide employees in following the Company's vision, mission, and values. The manual also includes but is not limited to relevant information related to benefits, standards of behavior and dress, evaluation, discipline, wellness, and safety

  • Provide comprehensive training program for all employees (Refer to training link)

  • Development and implementation of systems and incentives to ensure a culture of safety and wellness that promotes a desirable work environment based on sensitivity, respect and diversity.

  • Support and establish open communication systems necessary to maintain good morale and productivity.

  • Encourage and coordinate staff recognition activities, formal and informal.
The Human Resources Department Team recognizes that each person has the ability and power to make a positive difference in someone's life. Come join Emory Valley Center's team of dedicated employees and make a difference for yourself and others. Supporting People, Supporting Dreams!

The Emory Valley Center Human Resources Team

Kay Austin - 813-0547
Vice President of Human Resources

Jenny Shreeve - 813-0548
Human Resources Director

Tiffany Rose - 813-0594
Human Resources Specialist

Cassi Russell - 813-0549
Human Resources Generalist

Emory Valley Center is EEO and Title VI Compliant

Employment Application -pdf

Volunteer Services Application - pdf

Early Learning Center Application -pdf

Training Requirements/Opportunities

Supporting People, Supporting Dreams!